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Barbara Keith

Collections by Barbara Keith:

Barbara Keith was born in Cleveland, Ohio. She began drawing at the age of four and continued on through high school and 1-1/2 years at a commercial art school.

Mostly self-taught, Barbara began drawing with graphite. pastels and charcoal, but now works with assorted medias - colored pencils, watercolors, oils, pen and ink, and gouache. The subjects most appealing to Barbara are the predators of the animal world. Big cats are her favorite but she also paints and draws portraits, scenes, florals and still lifes.

For Barbara, her life IS her art, ďitís not the finished piece - although when I look at some of them, I am pleased - itís the journey to get there. The task of finding the right colors in the right ratio in the right place. In the end, itís all worth it because when you look at my art... my soul is looking back at you.Ē

To learn more about Barbara Keith and view more of her artwork visit:  www.barbara-keith.pixels.com.